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Nose Plugs for Swimmers

Our nose plugs are perfect for swimmers of all ages and sizes.

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Our nose plugs stop that uncomfortable feeling of water rushing in your nose while playing.

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Even professionals use nose plugs such as: mermaids, swimmers and water sports


Brilliant if you suffer irritation when swimming in chlorine pools. Unlike nose clips this doesn't pinch and is reasonably comfortable (I swim for up to an hour at a time). Took a few attempts to get it properly in place but the size guide (odd as it may be) worked well for me. Only downsides are no storage box and it's clear colour. Whilst astheticly good, it's not so easy to find if you drop it.
I would buy again if I lost mine.

My sinuses are over sensitive to chlorinated pool water and produce a strong reaction for about three days after a pool visit. I get blocked sinuses, sneezing and a sore back of my nose. For many years, this prevented me from swimming in public pools and the only swimming I could do was in the sea. I have used a scuba type mask which solves the problem but unfortunately, many pool attendants object to these for various spurious health and safety reasons. I found a solution by making nostril plugs from silicone sealer but had to keep these in place with sticking plasters which are rather unsightly. The Sinus Saver nose plugs have at long last provided an effective and unobtrusive solution. On first use, it took three or four attempts to get a good seal but after a little practice, they prevent any water entering my nose. I was a little concerned that they might fall out and get lost but once fitted correctly, they are very secure. Wetting them under a running tap helps when inserting them. I got the largest size after using the Q-tip measuring method. My only slight reservation is that they are somewhat expensive for what they are but as they allow me to keep swimming, well worth the money.

Nothing to dislike. It does for me exactly what it advertises. A great and worthy upgrade over nose clips. These don't squeeze the life out of your nostrils and keep the water blocked. You can breathe out though, helps to have that option.

Make sure to follow sizing instructions and set the plug fully in your nose, otherwise chance of leaking. And avoiding water up the nose is the very reason I got these, so it did take me* a few tries to get the idea.

They're light and soft and don't distract your from your pool time. This paired with my Magic5 goggles (for those curious) makes for a distraction-free time as no leaks or sinus or other crap to worry about.

I have no complaints, but if I had a gun to my head, it would be nice to have these in different colors. I like different colors, easier to spot and find as well comparatively.

However, not every product is for everyone. This may not be for you despite my satisfaction with the plugs. Or looking like a pig with a bull ring is not the style you had in mind. Whatever it is, the product does what it was made for. I recommend it. If $15 is too high a price to pay to save from sinus issues, I recommend nose plugs. You can get them bulk for really cheap. That was my prior purchase.

I bought the medium size because of reading other reviews saying the large was "very" large. The medium is fine but I found it still let in some water, so I got the large one as well. The large one is certainly much bigger and initially looks like it won't fit in the nose. However, once installed, I find it creates a better seal.
If you're a 6"2' male with a "normal" sized nose then I'd say go large.
I struggled a lot with the dreaded sinus problems that some people get while swimming. I found these nose plugs to make a massive improvement and effectively stop the problem.